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Spinal İnjections

Güncelleme tarihi: 17 Eki 2022

Spinal injections are a method used to find the source of pain or for treatment purposes.

Spinal injections are performed under X-ray guidance, called fluoroscopy, to confirm correct placement of the medication and increase safety.

What are Spinal Injection Techniques

Epidural injections are used to treat pain that begins in the spine and spreads to an arm or leg. Arm or leg pain usually occurs when a nerve is inflamed or compressed (nerve compression). These injections can also be used to diagnose the source of the pain.

Therapeutic epidural spinal injections are injections of an anti-inflammatory drug, such as an anesthetic and/or steroid, near the affected nerve. The needle is inserted into the epidural space just outside the membrane that protects the spinal cord. Medication reduces or relieves pain.

Diagnostic epidural spinal injections can be done in a very specific, isolated nerve to determine if a particular nerve is the source of pain. Sometimes only an anesthetic drug is injected. The immediate response to the injection is closely monitored.

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