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Posterolateral Lumbar Transpedicular + Interbody Fusion

Güncelleme tarihi: 17 Eki 2022

Spinal fusion is an attempt to surgically fuse the bones in the spine together. Thus, the spinal bones are immobilized into the fusion.

If there is pain due to movement of the spine, spinal fusion is a treatment option. The most widely used technique of spinal fusion is posterolateral lumbar fusion.

In the posterior approach in lumbar fusion, the surgeon makes an incision in the middle of the waist. Muscles are stripped. Spinal bones are visualized with the scope device.

The surgeon removes some or all of the lamina and parts of the herniated intervertebral disc pressing on the nerve, preserving the nerve.

The procedure to remove the lamina is called decompression or laminectomy. The procedure to remove a herniated disc is called a discectomy. Laminectomy and discectomy are often done together.

After decompression, he places the graft material on the sides of the vertebrae to strengthen the union. This is called a posterolateral fusion.

Titanium screws and rods are inserted into the spine to provide fusion. These are used to provide stability. These screws are typically not removed even after the bone graft has healed.

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